198323 St. Petersburg, Gorelovo, Krasnoselsky highway, 28 lit. A
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Business Apartment with two bedrooms

Separate apartment with kitchen for 4-bed accommodation.*
The total area of the room is 70 m². Two bedrooms with an area of 16 sq.m. and 24 sq.m. Two twin beds in each bedroom.
Entrance hall, two bedrooms, kitchen, separated sanitary facilities: shower room / bathroom, toilet.
Slippers, towels, a set of individual cosmetics, hair dryer.
TV with digital picture quality.
Free Wi-Fi and phone calls around St. Petersburg.
Kitchen equipment: gas / induction cooker, refrigerator, electric kettle, microwave oven, set of utensils for cooking and eating, bottled drinking water, tea, sugar, salt, pepper.

* A number of rooms can accommodate an extra bed. This possibility requires mandatory confirmation by the Hotel administrator.

This is for you!

Рядом с Московским вокзалом - фото

Kitchen in


In a private room with everything you need
6 станций метро в пешей доступности - фото
On the closed territory area of the apart-hotel
Достопримечательности центра Санкт-Петербурга - фото
Next to us are Peterhof, Strelna, Pushkin, Gatchina.
Рядом с Московским вокзалом - фото
Transport accessibility
Transport to the center of St. Petersburg, close to the Airport, the Expoforum Exhibition and Convention Center
6 станций метро в пешей доступности - фото
Quality of services
Round-the-clock reception, housekeeping, food delivery, cleanliness on the territory
Достопримечательности центра Санкт-Петербурга - фото
Favorable price
The price is below average in St. Petersburg with high quality rooms and services
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