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Decent service at an affordable price

Booking a hotel room

It is very easy to book a room or rent a room in the aparthotel "Sunflower". Select the dates of your visit in the form below and click the "Show availability" button. The system will show you which rooms are available during this period, you can also familiarize yourself with their description and see photos. Next, you will need to fill out a short form with your contact information. Correctly indicate the number of rooms required and the number of guests, the cost of a room in our hotel depends on this.
If you have not been able to book a room in our hotel in St. Petersburg: the system does not show free seats, there are difficulties with filling out the booking form or just too lazy to understand all this - just call us, or leave your contact phone number on this page.

Book a hotel room

It is not for nothing that St. Petersburg is called the cultural capital of Russia. The abundance of monuments and cultural and historical values here is simply amazing. To get around only the world-famous and significant objects, some here will not be enough for a few months.
Therefore, if you decide to visit the Northern capital, you should think in advance about the route and the list of attractions in St. Petersburg and its nearest suburbs - Strelna, Peterhof, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Oranienbaum, Gatchina, Kronstadt.

Apartments for rent in St. Petersburg

So, you have decided on the area and, for example, decided to rent a hotel room on Nevsky Prospekt. Here within walking distance are the most popular museums and exhibition halls, as well as a large number of cafes, bars and restaurants where you can relax and have a snack.
Naturally, it is not always easy to rent an apartment in a hotel in St. Petersburg, and their cost will be much higher than the cost of apartments located at a relative distance from the center. In addition, the noise and dynamics of the central streets may distract you from a pleasant stay.

Apart-hotel "Sunflower" is located on the territory of Gorelovo in St. Petersburg, a 30-minute drive from the historical center of the Northern capital. You can get to it by car or public transport - bus, minibus to any of the nearest metro stations ("Prospekt Veteranov", "Avtovo", "Leninsky Prospekt") - and in 20 minutes you are in the heart of St. Petersburg - Nevsky Prospekt, the Hermitage, Palace Square.

You can safely walk along Nevsky Prospekt, go to museums and exhibitions, visit bars and restaurants. And then get into the car and in 30 minutes enjoy the silence and service in the apart-hotel "Sunflower". With this option, you will significantly save on the cost of the room. The cost of a hotel room in the center of St. Petersburg, as a rule, does not please tourists with its attractiveness. The presence of parking in a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg is the exception rather than the rule. All available public parking in the center of the Northern capital has long been paid with time-based pricing.

Time to book a room?

Do not rush to contact travel agencies in order to book a room in an apart-hotel. Renting an apartment in St. Petersburg through tour operators assumes that you rely entirely on the taste of the manager. And it may not always match your expectations. Booking a room yourself on our website is easy and simple. Here you can choose the number that suits you best.

Be sure to look at the photos and read the reviews of tourists about the hotel who have already stayed at our hotel. Only then can you decide whether this apartment hotel is suitable or not.

Now that you are firmly convinced that you have decided to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg, you can start booking.

How to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg?
This is easy and simple to do. Follow a few simple steps and you will succeed.

  1. On the website of the apart-hotel "Sunflower" select the option "booking"
  2. See which room suits you and indicate the number of guests who will be accommodated in this room.
  3. Enter your data - Surname, Name, Patronymic, contact phone number and E-mail. Your contacts are necessary so that the administrator on duty can contact you - clarify the booking conditions and confirm the reservation itself.
  4. Click on the "Book" button so that your order will be processed.
  5. If you need additional services - an extra bed in the room, transfer or Early check-in / Late check-out - mark this information in the "Your wishes" field and the staff of the apart-hotel "Sunflower" will definitely take this into account when making a reservation.
  6. The booking confirmation will be sent to the mail that you left in the booking form on the site
If for some reason you could not book a room on the website, call the Reception of the apart-hotel "Sunflower" +7 (812) 741-48-20 and booking an apartment can be arranged by phone.

Why is it profitable to rent an apartment in the apart-hotel "Sunflower" (St. Petersburg)?
We are not always able to indirectly assess the benefits of a particular accommodation, especially if we make a reservation via the Internet. Therefore, before making a choice in favor of a particular hotel or hotel in St. Petersburg, check out the list of advantages of the apart-hotel "Sunnyflower":

  • Apart-hotel "Sunflower" passed the system of classification of accommodation objects adopted in the Russian Federation and received the category of "three stars".
  • The convenient location of the apart-hotel "Sunflower" in the south-west of St. Petersburg will allow you to quickly and without traffic jams to get to any place you need in St. Petersburg or its suburbs.
  • By booking a room in the apart-hotel "Sunflower" you can be sure that you will always receive "Decent service at an affordable price"
  • A distinctive feature of the hotel "Sunflower" is the presence of a kitchen in each room, as well as a large guarded parking lot.
  • Apart-hotel "Sunflower" in Gorelovo, is always ready to make a special offer for travel agencies and training companies.
  • If you are going on a business trip, our administrators will prepare the necessary package of accounting documents for you.
  • We are glad to hear and see our guests 24/7, at any time of the year and in any weather.

If you have found the best accommodation option for yourself, complete the "Booking" and we will look forward to waiting for you at the apart-hotel "Sunflower"!
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